House Dust Allergy

In many countries in the world, the most frequently seen reason of respiratory system allergies is house dust allergies.

Many patients very well know that allergic catarrh symptoms such as sneezing and nose streaming and asthma symptoms such as cough, growling and breath shortness occur while cleaning the house, dusting, making the beds or shaking off the carpets and blankets. The relation between house dust and asthma was first time declared by a scientist, R.A. Kern in 1921.

House dust is a mixture of many allergens. In each house, the characteristic of dust varies according to geographical and meteorological (heat, humidity, pressure, etc) factors. The main allergens in house dust are:

  • Allergens related to house mites
  • Allergens related to pets
  • Allergens related to cockroaches
  • Aspergillus
  • Pollens
  • Bacteria
  • Other allergens related to furniture such as armchairs, carpets, beds.
  • People might gain sensitivity to any of the allergens exist in the mixture defined as house dust, but the most important one of these allergens is the allergen related to house mites. When shortly said ‘house dust’ or ‘dust’ allergy this means house mite allergy.


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